6 King Street, Oxford

A small, mixed use development in the centre of the city for a private client. A very challenging project due to the restricted site and tight budget. The existing, poorly built and adapted Victorian building was largely demolished, and replaced with a new steel and timber frame, creating two flats over a ground floor commercial unit.

Insulating roofing membranes and wood fibre external wall insulation were used to keep the frame warm without trapping moisture, eliminating condensation risk and contributing to comfort. This ‘breathing wall’ technology is a favoured construction method for hoos. Timber is a highly sustainable material, which is naturally insulating and has high thermal buffering, helping to keep internal conditions stable. Woodfibre also products make use of low grade or waste timber, generally bound solely by the lignin naturally present in the wood, meaning there are no toxic glues. Timber construction is also highly suitable for self build, and can be readily adapted to suit the changing requirements of occupants.